Build a Digital Workforce of Human-like AI Employees

Get human like digital workers for your business such as AI Sales Rep, AI Graphic Designer, AI Market Researcher, AI Marketer etc

Available all time 24/7Continuously self-improvingComes at a fraction of human costWorks with apps, you already use

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There’s an AI Employee for every Verk

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Reshaping the future of work with Verk

  • Get started immediately & scale indefinitely

  • Available 24/7, every single day of the year

  • 10x cheaper & 100x more efficient than a human employee

  • Continuously self-improving & trainable to learn new skills

Built by leaders of AI Agents technology & Agentic research

All task execution powered by Autonomous Agents, verified by Humans

SAM outperforms GPT-3.5 and Orca on reasoning benchmarks

Power your Applications with Large Agentic Models (LAMs)

VEagle: An Open-source vision model that beats SoTA models like Bliva & Llava

Deeply integrated with all the tools you already use

AI Employee Integration

Here’s what our users have to say

“As a startup founder, Verk’s AI Sales reps and AI Marketers have given me crazy leverage. Right now, my entire GTM team consist of AI employees.”

Startup Founder

“Verk’s AI employees have force multiplied our small team and our ability to do more with less. Verk’s AI employees are my own extended team and they are irreplaceable now.”

Agency Owner

“Creating landing pages has never been easy. Great to see AI doing the same stuff in half of time what my agency used to take.”

Small Business Owner